Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Judge’s Report – Kapcon 18 Scenario Design Contest

This was a great year for the SDC with five entrants submitting 7 scenarios. The games covered a range of genre from futuristic horror to two fisted mystery to camp humour. The quality of the games was universally high and choosing a winning scenario was no easy task.

Aeon Angelus Necronomicon Evolution by Luke
This densely packed Cthulhutech scenario follows the emotional twists and turns of a group of youngsters who are pilots of giant biomechanical robots. Their fight against dark forces who threaten humanity’s very existence is fraught with peril, angst and a tangling web of conspiracy. This beautifully presented scenario could easily be the basis of a campaign game, or a full-on rollercoaster ride of 3 hours. Recommended for GMs who are fans of Neon Genesis Evangelion, Rah Xephon and other highly melodramatic Mecha stories.

Lambs of a Nameless God by Luke
Another Cthulhutech scenario, this is a chilling tale of life in the ruins of a post-apocalyptic world, this scenario sees a group of teenagers struggling to survive in a world without adults. Can the characters survive the machinations of monstrous entities, the bleak prospect of life in a shattered wasteland, and the scheming of other survivors? Recommended for GMs who like futuristic survival horror.

Murder Most Mysterious by Donna
A gathering of the greatest detectives of the early twentieth century, in the manor house of an aging aristocrat. Simmering tension between characters who wish to prove once and for all that they are the best detective of the age. What could possibly go wrong? A Cluedo-like mechanic makes this murder mystery a fun romp with some great detective characters. Recommended as an easy pick-up game for GMs wanting to parody some classic detective stories.

Spirit of the Tentacle by Mash
Exciting Pulp Action! Two-Fisted Heroes! A City in Peril! Will a band of heroes be able to avert disaster? This 1920s New York scenario features a stellar cast of heroes plunged into a dastardly web of intrigue that they must overcome in order to save New York. Excellent and detailed PCs and a classic pulp structure make this a great scenario for the pulp fan. Recommended for GMs who love their action bold and their heroes bolder.

The 18:25 to New London by Sophie
A classic mystery on a train, this scenario is set in the near future in a world ravaged by global warming where Victorian values have returned. The players find themselves aboard and increasingly dangerous ride, trying to prove their innocence and avoid danger. Recommended for mystery fans.

The Tale of Robyn Hood and Her Merry Band of Maids by Jenni
A Best Friends scenario that takes the cheesiest 1950s Hollywood image of Robin Hood and tips gender on its head. Robyn and her Merry Maids struggle against the villainous Princess Jenny and Girl of Gisborne, and Fifi the Sheriff of Nottingham. Meanwhile Robyn is in love with Man Martin, the most beautiful man in England. The scenario contains character sheets, NPC lists, and enough story hooks for several sessions of gaming. Recommended for GMs looking for hilarious, player-focussed parody gaming.

To Kill a Lie by Luke
A Cthulhutech spy game where the PCs must tackle a potentially deadly cult. This scenario sees the characters unraveling a mystery that leads to an explosive climax, set against the glittering lives of Hollywood’s elite. Recommended to fans of spy mission games, and the dark underside of Hollywood’s faded lights.

This year’s winner was Lambs of a Nameless God by Luke, with Spirit of the Tentacle a close second. Many of these scenarios will be available online shortly, and they all come highly recommended. It’s great to see the already rich range of SDC entries growing, and I hope these scenarios are read and run by a range of GMs – they are well worth it :-)

Matt Cowens, K18 SDC Judge

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Kapcon tomorrow + drinks

Hi all

as you may know KAPCON is tomorrow ( Saturday the 16th). 
Registration opens at 8:00 for a 9:00 round one start.

for more details for the timetable and other games go to

We are also having drinks at SYN from 7pm tonight ( Friday the 15th), please feel free to come along even if you can't make it to the con and catch up with gamers from round NZ .



Friday, January 09, 2009

Kapcon 7 Days!!!

We are seven days away from kapcon. 

We are going to be having drinks the night ebfore the con( friday) at SYN on bond street. 

 turn up from 7ish and we will hopefully be sitting out in the sun, having pizza and beers and making up new stories to tell the next day at the con. 

Its not too late to sign up, go to to register. 

see you all there


Monday, August 11, 2008

Fright Night - Wellington Horror Con

Coming soon is a ghoulish gaming con in Wellington - Fright Night 2.

Fright Night is Wellington's Horror RPG con.

It's a convention where we aim to raise the bar on Horror Gaming in Wellington, and present a whole evening of tingled spines and unsettling feelings. It is a small convention, with limited entries, and players who are hungry for the dark world of Vampires, Zombies, Serial Killers and things that can't be described in written words: they are unnameable.

There will be two rounds, each with 5 games. Pre-registered players only.

When: Saturday, October 25, 16:30 - 23:55
Where: Turnbull House, opposite the Beehive
What: Two sessions of horror gaming
How much: $15 players, $10 GMs

Places are limited, so check it out!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Seeking first-round GMs

Deep under Wellington, something stirs...

KapCon has been dead but dreaming for the past few months, but is now beginning to stir to life to eat the minds of the puny fleshy things that walk the surface of the earth, never contemplating what horror lurks beneath organise next year's con. The first step: organise the first round GMs. We need to start early because first round game details go in the flyer, which we would like to have out in time for Buckets of Dice (or CONFusion at the latest). So, we're looking for some volunteers. At this stage, all we need is a title, a blurb, and most importantly, a commitment to be there and run. If you can do that, then please email us or chip in on the NZRaG discussion.

Kapcon Larp Jan 2009 - Mafia 2071

We are pleased to announce that a LARP theme has been selected for Kapcon 18, with a team well underway with the planning and writing. January 2009 will see Mafia 2071, a rollicking fun game of Future Family Intrigue. More details will be distributed as the game takes shape, so keep an eye on the Kapcon website.

The call is out for first round GMs, too, so sign up at NZRaG or send an email to kapcon (at) gmail (dot) com to let us know if you're keen to run a game at Kapcon :-)

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Full games and new games

The following games are now full:

Round one:

  • One Crowded Hour
  • A Midsomer Night's Murder
  • Horror on the High Seas
  • A Fear of Dreaming

As a bonus, a space has opened up in Doom Town. Get it while the getting's good.

If you're wondering what you're going to play in, the Dingwell brothers (who last con ran the amazingly popular Penguin Harlequinade are back with Momento Mori, a gritty cyberpunk thriller which will be running in all six sessions. There's also Lashings of Ginger Beer, "a light-0hearted piss-take of the Famous Five", and a game based on Peter Pan (the book, not the movie).

Panic stations

Kapcon preregistration closes on the 14th. But as of today we have more people pre-registered than pre-registered in total for any previous con - and we still have a week to go. So, I am officialy panicing.

(Cut to shot of Idiot running around the room like a muppet with his hair on fire, going "memememememememe"...)

If you are a GM, I'd like you to consider running an extra session. If you're not a GM, I'd like you to consider running something. We might only need you as backup, or it might be in sixth round, but I think we're going to need the extra cover.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

MiniLARP: For the Honour of the Family

"For the Honour of the Family" is a 14-player historical family intrigue/drama running in session 4 (Sunday morning). Since we'd like to fill it, we're taking signups. Just email the kapcon account, or mention it in the comments field when you register. If you want a specific character, please mention that too.

Seventh day of June, in the year 1826. For centuries the Cantacuzino family, as one of the great houses, have been at the centre of Wallachian politics. During that time, the Family have weathered many changes, and survived many attacks. The Balenu family (who in recent years have aligned with the Ghica family) have always manoeuvred in opposition - often in secret but on occasion openly. The Ottoman Empire, during their current reign of power and resulting oppression of Wallachia, have attempted to destroy important family members, but their efforts have been blunt and cumbersome. Built on a foundation of tradition and tight family ties, the Cantacuzino family has endured this (and much more) in its attempt to build, and ultimately profit from, a just and strong Wallachian society.

And now the Head of the House, Duna Cantacuzino, is dead. Following the old ways his body lay in state within the family home in Bucharest for a period of 100 hours, and is now being transported to the ancient Cantacuzino graveyard in Craiova for internment. With the funeral period over the rebuilding task can begin: starting with the selection of a replacement for Duna. As tradition dictates, direct family members will select the new Head of the House, by vote, before the next New Moon leaves the dusk horizon. On the final night those within travelling distance have gathered together for a final wake and to discuss the future. However, without much time a decision will have to be made tonight. And with the suddenness of Duna's death causing suspicions, a possible alliance with the Balenu family and the likelihood of yet another Russo-Turkish war to be fought through Wallachia; the future fortunes or fate of the Cantacuzino family is very much at stake.

Cast list:

Head of House Candidates

  • Jelani Cantacuzino: Son of Duna. He is a passionate, decent man who wishes to marry for love, not his family’s interests. An exceptional duelist.
  • Gamyuka Cantacuzino: Brother to Duna. A military man, he is a rational intellect who is in the running at his wife’s insistence.

Duna’s Immediate Family

  • Adanna Lior: Daughter to Duna. She supports her brother, and desperately wants to find out who killed her father.
  • Iulia Cantacuzino: Mother to Duna and Gamyuka, she rules the clan with an iron fist. Is fond of Jelani, but disagrees with him on some issues.
  • Jofranka Cantacuzino: A social butterfly and gypsy, she is Gamyuka’s wife and wants him as Head. Is rumored to know ‘magic’.
  • Beniamen Lior: Husband to Adanna, he is a merchant and brought great wealth with him. His family is rumored to be heavily involved in alchemy.

Duna’s Nephews and Nieces

  • Kizzy Abijah: Daughter of Gamyuka, she takes after her mother a great deal. Supports Jelani’s decision on marriage, but is still undecided on the vote.
  • Chanoch Abijah: Husband to Kizzy, he is a well-respected Jewish scholar. He is fiercely proud of the Cantacuzinos, despite not being accepted by most family members.

Duna’s Cousins

  • Amadi Cantacuzino: Cousin to the family. Well-versed in the history of the family, but not overly interested in politics. Well-loved, but forgettable.
  • Isoba Cantacuzino: Cousin to Duna, he helped arrange the marriage between Jeilani and a girl from the Balenu family. He and Duna were very close.
  • Wadim Cantacuzino: Cousin to the family. As a banker, he is not very interested in the inter-family politics: he just wants to make connections. Has heard rumors…
  • Danut Cantacuzino: Cousin to the family. Somebody here killed Duna, and it was definitely with the help of a vampire. Expose them and get help to destroy the abomination!


  • Serghei Popescu: Butler to Duna, he comes from an illegitimate family line that has served the Cantacuzinos for generations. He has his suspicions about Duna’s death…
  • Ahina Popescu: Housekeeper to Duna, she half-raised Adanna, Jelani and their siblings. Sister to Serghei, she may know something about Duna’s death…


"Admired, not required".

I've played this LARP, and I highly recommend it.