Monday, October 10, 2005

How do I pre-register for Kapcon?

To make sure we know who you are, and what games you're interested in, you can pre-register any time before January 1st. You can go to the registration page of the Kapcon website and fill in your details, or you can mail in a flier with your information on it. Pre-registrations give us a good idea of who's coming, and allow us to make the con even better.

If you pay before January 14th you also get discounted entry! This year's low prices are the same as last year's:

If you pay before January 14th
Preregistered Player: $20.00
Facilitator: $10.00

If you pay on the day
Player: $25.00
Facilitator: $15.00
Single Day Player: $15.00
Single Day GM: $10

Live Game only

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