Saturday, May 24, 2008

Seeking first-round GMs

Deep under Wellington, something stirs...

KapCon has been dead but dreaming for the past few months, but is now beginning to stir to life to eat the minds of the puny fleshy things that walk the surface of the earth, never contemplating what horror lurks beneath organise next year's con. The first step: organise the first round GMs. We need to start early because first round game details go in the flyer, which we would like to have out in time for Buckets of Dice (or CONFusion at the latest). So, we're looking for some volunteers. At this stage, all we need is a title, a blurb, and most importantly, a commitment to be there and run. If you can do that, then please email us or chip in on the NZRaG discussion.

Kapcon Larp Jan 2009 - Mafia 2071

We are pleased to announce that a LARP theme has been selected for Kapcon 18, with a team well underway with the planning and writing. January 2009 will see Mafia 2071, a rollicking fun game of Future Family Intrigue. More details will be distributed as the game takes shape, so keep an eye on the Kapcon website.

The call is out for first round GMs, too, so sign up at NZRaG or send an email to kapcon (at) gmail (dot) com to let us know if you're keen to run a game at Kapcon :-)