Friday, May 26, 2006

First round GM's needed

It's only been four and a half months since the last KapCon, and we're already planning the next one. As part of that, we're putting out an initial call for first-round GMs. Going by previous years, we will need about thirteen this time. So far, we have two. But seven and a half months should be plenty of time for people to make up their minds.

What we need from you: a firm commitment to run something (barring accidents, emergencies and whatever; we know it happens), and some idea of what you want to run. A full blurb would be great, but even just a vague idea (a system, and a theme) is good enough. After all, you have seven and a half months to work out the details.

What you get from us: your name on the flyers, the usual discounted entry, and our eternal gratitude.

If you're interested, then email, or post in the NZRaG thread here.

New KapCon website

The official website for KapCon XVI: Flight of the Hindenberg, is here.