Friday, November 24, 2006

Something from the mailbox

Hello friend,

I am writing to you in regard to a SPECIAL CONTEST taht exist in my country. It is ELITE CONTEST for only most diligent and CREATIVE PEOPLE who have love of WRITING SCENARIO.

A very rich WORD-MAN have died recently, and he leave MANY THOUSANDS OF RPG WORDS and PICTURES in ether. I am writing to provide ONCE IN A LIFETIME OPPORTUNITY to conjure from word-ether a scenario of RPG SCENARIO GOLD!!!!!!11!!one!1!1!!!

You have been SPECIALLY SELECTED by me for this intimate and probing message. The message climbs into your computer to ask - ARE YOU THE SDC WRITER PERSON THIS YEAR?

If you are the SDC WRITER PERSON, then your scenario must reach Kapcon organiser types by FIRST MONDAY IN DECEMBER. That mean you have plenty time!

If you are the SDC WRITER PERSON, please respond with HASTE to this private, personal, stimulating message and let Kapcon organiser person know.

Many thanks for your kind considerations,

The Admiral

New games

A few more games have come in. Steve James has offered a Vampire: the Dark Ages scenario called The Seige of Montsegur. Dillon Burke has a followup to his thieves-competing-to-be-head-of-the-guild scenario, Greed II. Zak Clark will be re-running previous SDC scenarios, and in round two will be running Gilman House. And Mike Sands has a pair of games: Last Stand, in which a group of modern Benandanti must deal with their normal lives while fighting ritualised dream battles against evil witches, and A Cruise to Mars, a swashbuckling steampunk naval adventure, huzzah! Full details of all these scenarios are on the website.

Meanwhile, first round games are beginning to fill - so if you want to play in a particular one, it would be a good idea to register.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Pre-Kapcon Drinks and Nibbles

Once again, on the Friday night before Kapcon (Friday the 19th of January) we will be hanging out in Wellington, having a few drinks, some delicious pizza, and catching up. This year the drinks will be held at Syn, a Hell's Pizza Bar on Bond Street.

They sell all kinds of delicious foods, and serve drinks, and have a pool table, and so forth. From their website:

We are a fully licensed premise. Your guests must be over 18 or with a parent. Alcohol is not to be brought onto or removed from the premises. We are required by law to ID anyone who looks 25 or under. The only acceptable forms of ID are 18+ cards, NZ drivers license, or an international passport.

If you click through to their website you can find a map, and links to the Hell Pizza menu, and other... stuff.

We hope to see you there, from about 6pm, Friday the 19th of January, 2007!

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Kapcon 16 T-shirt Design

T-shirts with the following design will be available at Kapcon this year. Sizes will be as per last year, with the exception of XL and XXL tees, which will be in a looser fitting style (as per K13). Price will again be $25.

Orders can be emailed to Kapcon, or added to the soon to be created t-shirt thread on NZRaG.