Friday, December 30, 2005

An RPGA Announcement

This was forwarded to me by Idiot:

--- In, "Bob Beck"wrote:

Hi Guys and Gals,
Below are the links and games ordered for kapcon:

Can GM's decide on what games you want to run. Let me know if-

-You have / do not have the Scenario (PDF)
-You do / do not want it printed, and posted to you
-You do / do not want it printed, and brought to Kapcon

Modules will be available for download on Sunday, or maybe later ;-)
Certs will be printed and bought to Kapcon

Cheers everyone,
I hope Santa was good to you, and a Happy new year to you.

Bob Beck
RPGA Kapcon Co-ord

Tournament Scenarios

Living Greyhawk
COR5-15 Immortal Longings GM:
COR5-18 Kusnir GM:
COR5-19 Retribution GM:
COR5-20 Phantoms on the Bright Sands GM: Bob,
IUZ5-5 Iuz Border Year 5 Metaregional 5 GM: Wes, Sulenna
IUZ5-7 Iuz Border Year 5 Metaregional 7 GM:
IUZ6-01 Iuz's Border Year 6 Metaregional 1 GM:
PER5-09 Perrenland Year 5 Regional 9 GM:
PER6-01 Perrenland Year 6 Regional 1 GM: Bob,

Eberron: Mark of Heroes
EMH-5 Gambit at Dreadhold GM: Chris?,
EMH-7 The Delirium Stone GM: Chris?,
EMH-8 Freely Given GM: Chris?,

LKoK 13 Otter Side of the Coin GM: Peter,
LKoK 23 A Wrestling Good Time GM: Peter,
LKoK-19 Of Roses and Thorns GM: Peter,
LKoK22 Black and White GM: Peter,
LKoK24 A Bit of Truth GM: Peter,
LKoK 23 A Wrestling Good Time GM: Peter,
LKoK-29 Full Disclosure GM: Peter,
LKoK-30 Under Arena GM: Peter,
LKoK24 A Bit of Truth GM: Peter,
LKoK27 Turn About is Foul Play GM: Peter,

Monday, December 19, 2005

Kapcon Scoring System

Kapcon Scoring Guidelines

Kapcon is a RPG convention with many attendees. The attendees have a wide variety of opinions regarding the scoring of attendees and games run. Kapcon’s main goal is to make the Con the best experience for all of its attendees and as such it caters for as many of the attendees’ opinions as possible.

Kapcon’s scoring system is optional. Please note that Kapcon is not a tournament and any scoring system is flawed. There are two forms of scoring.

The first form of scoring is games. Games are scored by a rating from 1 to 7. The highest score is 7, and the lowest is 1. Players give the game a score based on how good they thought the game experience was. It is a score for best GM, so feel free to score a GM highly who has made a clumsily written scenario run smoothly, or a GM who has written their own awesome scenario and rocked your socks off.

The second form of scoring is nominations of attendees by other attendees on nomination forms.

Some GMs want to their games to be scored. If a GM wishes the game to be scored, it is important that all players respect his or her wishes and do so in order to give that person an accurate result.

Some GMs do not want to be scored. If a GM does not wish the game to be scored, then players should respect his or her wishes and not do so.

The second form of scoring is nominations. All attendees are eligible to be nominated by the other attendees. You may nominate as many people as you like in any session. The reason why you nominate someone is over to you. We encourage you to nominate attendees who have made the Kapcon experience better for you. Please provide a reason for your nomination so it can be shared with other attendees at the end of the Con. Though we cannot stop attendees from nominating you, please feel free to decline any prizes that you are awarded.

Prizes are awarded by category. These categories are decided each year by the Kapcon Committee. Traditionally, the categories have included:

- Best GM – the GM who has run more than 2 games and whose games have been scored the highest on average.
- Most Nominations – the attendee who has received the most nominations.
- Scenario Design – the writer who won the Scenario Design Contest.
- Best Game – the single game that received the highest score, not run by the best GM.
- Most Nominations in a Single Game – the attendee who received the most nominations in a single game who did not also get the Most Nominations.
- Best Costume – awarded to the person who was judged to have the best LARP costume.
- Most LARP Nominations – the person awarded the most nominations for the LARP.
- Most Amusing Nominations – the attendee who has received an amusing nomination as adjudged by the Kapcon Committee.