Monday, October 10, 2005

What's a Kapcon LARP?

After the third round on the Saturday, there's a LARP. A LARP is a live action roleplaying game - one where you wear a costume, and stay in character at all times. The style of LARP we have at Kapcon doesn't use foam weapons or any complicated mechanics - it's all about being in character, finding out what's going on, achieving your goals and having fun. In recent years the Saturday night LARP has grown from 40 to 70 players. There is a dedicated team of writers who volunteer each year to put together the LARP, and it is due to their tireless work that it's so much fun!

You can expect to receive a character sheet with a background, some information about other characters you know, and a set of goals for your character. Once you walk into the LARP area, you must act as if you are your character. There will be lots of other characters to interact with, and there may be one or two big events over the course of the evening. It is important to know that there will only be a few GMs, and more than 60 players, so you have to drive your own evening. Have fun, talk to as many other characters as possible, and remember that if you achieve one or more of your character's goals, you've had a successful evening.

There is a high level of trust in a LARP situation - remember that the other players are fellow con attendees, and while they may be acting strangely, it's probably because of the information on their character sheet! There is a very simple rule to adhere to - no touching. Even if your character is roughing someone up, or forcefully ejecting someone from a room, you mustn't carry out any unwanted physical contact. Gesture and words will have to suffice.

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