Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Interview on bFM

Matt Cowens was interviewed on bFM this morning about Kapcon and roleplaying in general. There is a 2.4mb mp3 of the interview available at bFM - it won't be there forever, but if you're quick you too can hear Mikey Havoc reminiscing (albeit briefly) about his own roleplaying experiences, and Matt doing his best to make roleplaying sound awesome.


Sunday, January 21, 2007

Kapcon 16 was Fantastic

Another year, another Kapcon. This was the second year that Debbie and I were in charge of Kapcon, and it was a great con to run. We kicked things off with pizza and drinks at Syn bar in Wellington on Friday night, a great casual evening (with delicious Hell’s pizza). We left early, having a drive home and an early start, but things were in full swing when we departed.

The number of GMs who offered to run games this year was great, and while a couple of arms were twisted to fill the few remaining spots in the timetable on the day, it was fantastic to have 90% of the timetable filled before the start of the convention.

The quality of games run at Kapcon this year was excellent, and this was reflected on the second day of the convention when a noticeable trend of people having a first choice for a game, followed by ‘anything – they all sound good’ coming through on the game selection forms.

Nick, Nasia, Katrina and Frank put together a brilliant 1930’s era LARP – ‘The Flight of the Hindenburg’, which ran on the Saturday night. 60 players spent an action, intrigue and politics filled night on the Hindenburg, mixing with aliens, a superhero, Nazis, a mummy, a werewolf, a vampire, a ghost, and lots of movie stars, politicians, businessmen, gangsters and other colourful characters. It was a highly successful LARP, and I look forward to hearing more stories of how people’s nights went (in person and over on NZRaG.com)

Evinshir games was present, with a huge display of boardgames and roleplaying products. There was a near-continuous stream of boardgames being played in the main room, and more than one con attendee walked out with a lighter wallet, but a pile of very reasonably priced games under their arm.

In the process of continually improving and adapting Kapcon, there were a few subtle changes this year. One of the more noticeable, and fun for me, was the hiring of a PA and wireless microphone. It made announcements, and GMs describing their games, much more audible. I must also confess that I do love playing to an audience when I have a mic in my hand. We also had colour coded forms to make paperwork easier, and a greater amount of information available to attendees about the schedule, what games they were in and so on, through the use of an oft-updated wall display of blurbs, the timetable, and the list of games, players and rooms for the upcoming round.

Once again a pizza run was done each day, and a candy bar was in operation, for the convenience and sustenance of attendees.

Numbers were very close to last year (final count pending, about 107). As Paul put it, Kapcon’s recent attendance has stabilised at 100 plus 2d10. Kapcon managed its goal of being a non-profit convention, with expenses coming incredibly close to income – closer than I had thought possible to zero.

We are passing the torch onto Paul this year – just as Scott passed it to Debbie and me, and Luke and Sam passed it to Scott before that, and so on. Scott, Luke and Sam were all still heavily involved in Kapcon this year, and will continue to be over the coming years I expect. Debbie and I will also continue to be involved in the running of Kapcon, helping Paul (and Zac, I believe) to make Kapcon the best convention it can possibly be. We all have a lot of love for this convention, a strong will to see it flourish, and a firm belief that Kapcon is a damn good way to spend a weekend. Thank you to everyone who made the weekend possible, those who worked tirelessly behind the scenes, GMs who ran games, players who played in them, everyone who had a hand in Kapcon’s success.

My verdict? Kapcon 16 was a blast, a roaring success, and I can’t wait for Kapcon 17, in 2008.

I look forward to seeing you all there,

Matt Cowens
Kapcon Committee Leader, Kapcon 15 and 16

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Pre-con Food and Drinks at Syn Bar

Kapcon kicks off tonight with the pre-con gathering at Syn Bar (14 Bond Street, Wellington CBD), a fully licenced family restaurant (according to their website) wo serve delicious Hell's Pizza, sell beverages of an alcoholic nature, and even have a pool table for those who are so inclined.

Feel free to show up any time - the function room (to the left at the top of the stairs) is booked from about 6pm, but there will probably be a group of organisers heading in early, having set up the venue this afternoon.

See you there :)

Kapcon starts soon!

Kapcon starts at Wellington High School at 8.45am tomorrow! Doors are open from 8.15 so come early and hang out, catch up with old friends and make some new ones, or you could purchase a coffee or delicious snack from the Kapcon candy bar (prices below).

Kapcon Candy Bar
Can of Coke etc $1
Bag of lollies $2
Bag of chippies $2
Mini pump $1
Cookie Time Cookie $1
Almond Gold/Peanut Slab $1
Tea/Coffee 50c

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The day after tomorrow...

...it all begins. Two days of gaming mayhem, a LARP, caffeine addiction and bad food. I can hardly wait.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

LARP characters

LARP characters have begun appearing in people's email boxes. Meanwhile, if you haven't received yours yet, check out the cast list here. If you signed up for the LARP, but aren't on the list, please email us, and we'll try and get things sorted out ASAP.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

"T minus ten and counting..."

Ten days to go, and another update. Registrations are open for a few more days, so better sign up, as the first round games are filling fast. The latest to fill is Apes on a (Mutha-Freaking) Shuttle, but there's also only one slot left in Firebird and The Station Agent. Fortunately we have a few other first-round games available on the day, so you won't miss out - but if you want a choice, or have to play a particular game, better get in quick.

More new games: Ivan Towlson is running Get Me to the Church on Time, described as "a tale of romance, betrayal, margaritas and blowing up the universe" - which sounds disturbingly similar to Hix's My Life with Master, described as "a game about villainy, self-loathing, and unrequited love" (margaritas optional). Housemonkey also has a fantasy offering, The Long Dry, which uses shared narrative ideas.

We still need a couple more games to round out the timetable, but it looks like it will all come together in time.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Two weeks to go

Two weeks till KapCon, and we have more news. Firstly, registrations are working properly again, and have been extended till the 14th. So, if you are planning to come, but haven't registered, sign up today.

Second, I Know, Right?" has filled.

Third, we've had two more games added. Jon Ball will be running Star Wars - The Tomb of Freedon Nadd, a quest by five Sith Apprentices attempting to gain the favour of the Dark Lord, and Donna Giltrap will be running WonderQuest (tm), involving a magical tour company offering authentic epic fantasy quest experiences in a world of magic and adventure (all major credit cards accepted).