Thursday, November 22, 2007

Kapcon LARP: Sanctuary - Second Round of Casting

The organising team (Naomi, Sean and Steph) are going to be meeting this Saturday (24/11) for the second round of casting. That means now is a good time to fill in that questionnaire ( It looks like after this meeting half the characters will be cast, so if you can fill in the form before Saturday we will be able to consider you for a great deal more characters than those who fill in the quiz later on... People who've not been cast, and have already signed up are welcome to email us about any more thoughts they've had on what kind of character they'd like.

What we'll do for the (uncast) people who've signed up so far is:
- Consider your character questionnaire and any additional comments you've made to us.
- Suggest two or three characters that we think you'll like to play.
- Send you an email with a brief blurb about them.

What we expect back from the people who've been offered characters is a response something like:
- Yes, I'll have that one thanks.
- I'm still unsure, can you tell me more about X?
- I don't like any of them, what else have you got?
and we'll keep talking with you until you're happy with your character.

If you want to email feel free to use this address:
sanctuarylarp at

Sunday, November 18, 2007

This is your two month warning

Two months to go till KapCon, and the registrations are trickling in. This means the first round games are filling up, so if you want to play in "Sleeping Ducks", it might pay to pre-register now to nab the last slot.

We've also had a pile of new games come in. Our web-demon is in the UK, so we're unable to update the website, but here's a short list:

It's Glargle Past Threep (Ivan Towlson)

Join the Time Police, they said. It’s a cushy life, they said, in the Women’s Auxiliary of the Xenochronometry Division of the Standards Inspectorate. Snappy uniform, they said, government pension and nothing more laborious to do than fill out the occasional B11 Notification of Noncompliant Measurement Units (Revised).

Yeah, right.

Because since breakfast you’ve been shot at twice, erased from history six times, trapped in five temporal paradoxes and narrowly avoided having sex with your own grandfather. And it’s still only glargle past threep. Again.

The Truckstop (Marcus Bone)

Area 51, Groomlake or the Dreamlands. Call it what you want, for the soldiers of the 8th Recon and Border unit it's just plain old Air Force Test Centre, Detachment 3. Here the day is just like any other Air Force Base, the same old food, the same old bunk beds, and the same old dull border security patrols.

Still, the buzz has it that something big is on it' way, perhaps another one of those hybrid jets or advanced Space Defence Initiative probes. Whatever it is, it's probably just as likely to be as boring as it was last week...

Or will it?

A Fear of Dreaming (Marcus Bone)

The year is 1940. The location, London, England.

Like so many others, you are about to be swept up in the great exodus of the young, who are leaving the only home you’ve ever known; heading out to the supposed safety and sanctuary of the English countryside.

But the world is a cruel and vindictive place, where those who say they’ll look after you are often the ones to do you the most harm. Can you survive the horrors that await you? Will you ever be the same innocent child who left the city? Or will you too develop that FEAR OF DREAMING…

Cold Front (Michael Foster)

MacReady Base, a UN-run research outpost in the frozen depths of Antarctica. "Home" to 13 personnel, where they must live in close proximity to each other for months at a time. After a murder leaves one of their number dead, tensions are running high, not helped by the sudden arrival of unexpected visitors.

And there's a big storm closing in...

(This is a re-run from Fright Night, and its damn good).

Bump in the Night (Michael Foster)

Finding himself alone after Martha says goodbye, the Doctor travels about while he wonders whether or not to take on a new companion. Fortunately, or perhaps not, potential candiates seem to be popping up all over the place.

There are already more good games than I can possibly play in. But maybe if I join the Time Police, I can get around that...

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Scenario Design Contest - 3 Weeks to go!

(here's hoping this doesn't do anything weird to the LJ feed)

The deadline for the Kapcon Scenario Design Contest is about three weeks away. It's the first Monday in December, which is the 3rd of December this year (according to the calendar in my office, which as a picture of a cute fox on it).

Remember: you are invited to write a scenario or adventure for 4-6 (ish) players, to be run in a 3 hour timeslot. You can include as much detail as you like, use any game system (or make up your own), and you have totally free reign as to what you include. Send your entries to kapcon's gmail address (kapcon at), or post a hard copy to Kapcon, PO Box 24155, Wellington.

Good luck, and get writing!